Manicures in Zurich’s Seefeld neighbourhood, district 8

For beautifully manicured hands – gel nails, shellac & varnish

Gel nails

Gel nails are perfect for short and broken nails.

For nail extensions, fingernails or toenails are artificially extended using gel or acrylic.

If you just want longer nails, a nail extension is right for you. For natural nail extensions, a light-curing gel is applied to a template or an artificial nail tip to artificially extend the natural nail.


Shellac is a new method that gives your natural nails a perfect shape.

It combines the benefits of natural polish with the durability of gel.

For one thing, it is as quick and easy to apply as normal nail polish and can also be removed easily and gently with a special nail polish remover.

In addition, only a thin layer is applied, leaving your nails looking more natural.

Manicure prices

  • New gel set

    CHF 150

  • Gel refills

    CHF 90

  • Varnish

    CHF 30

  • French

    CHF 25

  • Repair

    CHF 18

  • Manicure

    CHF 65

  • Manicure with shellac

    CHF 98

  • Maniküre mit Shellack

    Manicure with shellac

    incl. removal