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Eyelash treatment | Waxing & sugaring in Zurich’s Seefeld neighbourhood, district 8

Longer and more voluminous lashes

Long been dreaming of fuller or even longer lashes for an irresistible look?

We use a range of techniques to make all your eyelash dreams come true.

OnebyOne lashes

These are individual eyelash extensions that look especially natural.

The OnebyOne technique involves, as the name suggests, applying each lash by hand, one by one.

So one artificial eyelash is attached to each natural eyelash.

2D/3D volume technique

With the volume technique, micro lashes are applied to a natural eyelash.

The fine fibres are fanned out from where they are adhered.

This results in a multi-dimensional look.

That means:

… for 2D eyelashes, two fibres are applied to each natural eyelash.
… for 3D eyelashes, three fibres are applied to each natural eyelash.

Russian volume lash extensions

For Russian volume lashes, up to six eyelash extensions are arranged into individually formed fans, therefore creating maximum impact.

Again, these eyelash fans are applied by hand to each natural eyelash.

Eyelash extensions & volume lashes

  • OnebyOne lashes

    CHF 130

    New set

  • OnebyOne lashes

    CHF 80


  • 2D/3D technique

    CHF 160

    New set

  • Russian volume

    CHF 210

    New set

  • Russian volume

    CHF 150


  • Lash removal

    CHF 40

  • Lash lamination & tint CHF 120

    CHF 120

  • Brows

    CHF 100

    lamination & tint

Waxing & sugaring prices

We’d be happy to shape and correct your eyebrows as required, removing hair quickly and painlessly.

Removing other unwanted facial hair, on the upper lip for example, is also a quick process.

  • Brow correction

    CHF 25

  • Upper lip

    CHF 15